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You can download the fonts for free. These fonts have no instruction files with them other than the actual font file. These fonts can be used for personal use only. If you want to use them for commercial endeavors please contact me directly at


Some of these fonts were creating years ago and can be found in other places on the net. The following rules apply if you find my fonts on other sites.


There are different 'readme' files with each font.  Some fonts are charityware and freeware, others are shareware.  Please read each file to determine what kind of font you have downloaded.  These fonts may be freely distributed as long as the accompanying 'readme' is included in the "ZIP" file.


If you desire to use these fonts in publications (including films) which are for profit or, please contact me for specific costs involved. (Don't worry, not usually expensive as long as I get a hard copy of the publication).  If you have any questions, please drop me a line. Oh yea, all fonts are copyright me. So don't steal. It's not nice.


If you want to take some of these fonts and post them in an archive.  That is O.K. by me.  Please keep the "ZIP" files intact. 


Please don't post them on sites that use/support porn of any kind.  It demeans men and women, not to mention it destroys lives. Please do not re-sell my fonts (individually or as part of an archive) without permission. Yes that means on ebay as well, whoever you were.


Links to me on your site(s) are always welcome




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