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Dry Bohnz Forge specializes in uniquely designed handcrafted knives many of which are one of a kind. I am knife maker of 5 years who uses only the finest, unique materials and techniques to create blades that are built to last. Whether you're a collector, hunter, fisherman, or just enjoy outdoor adventures in general, our knives are sure to enhance your experience.



I've spent most of my life serving as a pastor of small churches. Throughout that time I've always had 'side gigs' to add a little income or simply to relax. I've spent time making fonts (most of which you can find online under my name or drybohnz), creating 3D characters and art, working as a police officer, and painting in watercolor. Once and a while I still dabble in those things but now I spend my fleeting spare time as a firearms trainer and knife maker.

I started making knives in 1998 to just work with my hands and fell in love with the process.

SimplyHDR253018056 2.JPG


Todd J.

"What a beautiful knife!!! I wanted to pass these to my two boys as a keepsake for Christmas. The knives exceeded my expectations. The quality material and aesthetic and unique craftsmanship are an exceptional value for the cost. Highly recommended."


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