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    Designing knives from scratch is not that simple Any search online will reveal that there are a myriad of knife styles, shapes and designs out there. Some knife designs are functional and some are simply decorative but with so many out there how does one come up with something new or why even bother designing something new? To be honest, most new designs I see are not that unique but with simple tweaks here and there, a common shaped knife can become something new visually as well as something unique functionally. Even with a typical blade shape and bevel small changes in angles and handle shapes can dramatically transform the ordinary into something distinct and an expression of that individual maker. As with most makers the joy isn't just with the finished product but with the process. Here, in part, is my process: DESIGN STAGE After drawing out some design ideas on paper a final design is decided on. A template os made to scale. That template is used to guide the forging process as a reference while forging and while shaping on the belt sander. For non forged blades, the temple is used directly to cut out the blade from the steel. BLADE DESIGN FINALIZED At the end of the final shaping with the belt sander, the blade shape may be slightly different. This could be due to ergonomics or I simply decided to change it. On paper it may look great but in the hand it may not feel right and no one needs a knife that is uncomfortable or nonfunctional. At this point it is time to put the blade bevels in and begin the heat treating process.

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