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As a life coach with 30 years of pastoral experience and a doctorate in leadership development, I have the skills and tools to help you achieve your goals. My coaching services are designed to be both effective and affordable, so you can receive the guidance you need without breaking the bank. Let's work together to help you become the best version of yourself.

Education & Experience

With extensive education and experience my services may be of help to you. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts, my Master of Arts from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and my Doctor of Ministry from Bethel Seminary in Leadership Development. With over 30 years of pastoral ministry and missionary work in Japan, I am also a seasoned counselor with years of experience helping individuals navigate life's challenges.

I approach my coaching from a Christian world-view, relying upon God to assist you to take the steps to reach your potential as a human being created in the image of God.

As with any endeavor to better oneself, change is hard work and I believe that with the correct tools, attitude and passion anyone can grow into who they were designed to be.

Auxano: What does it mean?

Auxano auxano comes from the Biblical Greek word meaning to increase, become greater. or to grow. This is our prayer, hope and goal for your life - consistent growth into the person you were designed to be.


Auxano is all about life coaching. We can help, in a limited way, with assistance in general counseling such as marriage and grief counseling.  We are not able to provide therapy or long term care. We will, however, help you find such a service if we can.

Our Services

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No human being has arrived at perfection nor can we. Life is not an endeavor to win but a journey of lifelong growth. So, our personal growth coaching gives you the tools for the journey. If it is your desire to generally grow spiritually and emotionally or to focus more specifically on abilities and gifts, from service to leadership, we can help you design a program to attain forward movement in those areas.



Developing as a leader in whatever field you may be in always starts with looking inward to our motivations and passions, our skills and dysfunctions. It begins with an honest assessment of who we really are with our masks off so we can excel in leading others without false authenticity.  We can help you be the best you so you can be the best leader.



Every human being is broken and bent in some way. This short term coaching plan helps you assess your personal brokenness and dysfunctions and gives you life long tools to begin the journey towards healing, wholeness and peace.

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Offices in Dighton and Falmouth Massachusetts

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