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The purpose of this NRA-certified course is to teach the (1) knowledge, (2) skills, and (3) attitude necessary for safe firearm handling. Demonstrate these requirements and you will earn a certificate of proficiency.

The 10+ hours of classroom and range time will introduce you to pistols from revolvers to semi-automatics. Starting with the safe handling of any pistol, the course will familiarize students with the various types of handguns, their ammunition, safe handling/storage and operation. The course will also review Massachusetts firearm laws.

Conducted with no more than five or six students per session. Range time will be one on one personal instruction. 

This course fulfills the requirements to apply for a License To Carry Firearms (LTC) or a Firearms Identification Card (FID) in Massachusetts.


In addition to Basic Pistol we also offer Home Firearm Safety, Refuse to Be a Victim and other firearm courses in small class sizes. 


  •     NRA and Mass State Police Pistol Certified Instructor

  • Refuse to Be A Victim Certified Instructor

  • Firearm Safety and Handling Instruction

  • Basic Shooting Techniques, Pistol and Rifle 

  • Firearms and Massachusetts Law

  • Hands-On Supervised Shooting     



All classes use NRA course materials and include all manuals and materials needed. Thermopylae Firearms Training also provides a packet of Massachusetts specific supplements. Upon successful completion of any Massachusetts approved LTC course both MA State Police and NRA certificates will be issued. These certificates indicate successful completion of an approved course but do not guarantee an issuance of a LTC/FID by local authorities.

Students may be trained on the following pistols:

  • Sig Sauer Mosquito (.22 LR)

  • Smith and Wesson Victory (.22 LR)

  • FNP-9 (9mm)

  • Ruger Single Six Revolver (.22LR & .22 Mag)

  • S&W 1911(.45 ACP)

  • Glock 21 (.45 ACP)

  • S&W M&P Compact (9mm)

  • S&W 637 Revolver (38 spl)

  • Ruger LCR (.380 Auto)

  • We also utilize the SIRT Training Pistol ( along with live fire.



Phillip Andrade has been around firearms most of his life. As a boy it was not uncommon to see him packing up the ol' Mossberg and go hunting with a friend or fishing the ponds on Cape Cod.

He has been a certified firearms instructor for over 20 years but has years of hands-on experience behind him including coaching a youth rifle team for 10 years. He holds regular classes and is an avid hunter and sportsman as well as being a NRA Life Member at the Benefactor level.

He holds a Masters degree in Theology and a Doctoral degree in Leadership Development. When not surrounded by the smell of gunpowder, he keeps himself busy as a husband and father of four. He has served as a missionary and pastor in in a variety of locations for 36 years and has been, in the past, a Special Police Officer for the Town of Sharon, Massachusetts. Presently he is serving as the pastor of West Dighton Christian  Church in Massachusetts.


You can contact me with any questions via the form or directly through this email.



Massachusetts State Police List of Certified Instructors

Find Phillip G. Andrade under the "Sharon" town listing